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New Version XPS Pro V1.2 Speed Control- Coming Soon!!

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Team Powers XPS Pro V1.2 Speed Control

xps pro v1_2-ss1.jpg xps pro v1_2-ss2.jpg

Improved features based on xps pro v1.1

- Aluminium internal and upper casing with advanced heat dissipation structure
(Goal: Lower the overall speed control temperature and improve the power output efficiency, stability and reliability)
- Use with the bigger and taller plastic switch
(Goal: Allow the user to turn off the speed control easily even the aluminium casing surface is hot)
- Use with 3pcs miniature aluminuum electrolytic capacitors
(Goal: Reduce the capacitors charging and discharging time that can stabilize the initial punch output power)
- Use the low resistance 12AWG black color wire
(Goal: To maximize the power output to the motor and have more good outlook apperance)
- Use with the higher speed fan (25x25x10mm)
(Goal: Improve the heat disspation and maximize the stability and reliability)
- The new software and hardware design)
a. improve the punch power and overall power band especially with the use of stock motor
b. some parameters setting functions has been improved to achieve more power output
c. more protections are made inside the hardware and software to achieve stability and reliability)

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