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想問下有冇師兄用過呢隻氣泵有啲唔識用 一開泵會去到30年之後停機跟住一開 噴槍 就會跌到得返十 是否正常好似唔多夠力再開大油 直頭跌到得 0 個泵淨係出咗少少氣
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TroubleshootingIf airflow is not sufficient ...
•  Check for air leaks where air can be heard escaping, or apply a soap and water solution on all connections. Resulting bubbles indicate an air leak.    Tighten fittings where necessary.
•  PTFE seal tape is recommended for all threaded connections.
•  Replace the Air Hose if the hose is torn or damaged.If compressor shuts off frequently, the motor fails to come up to full speed or becomes hotter than usual during operation ... •  Disconnect other appliances that are using the same power outlet.
•  Avoid using extension cords.
If problems arise which you cannot solve with the information provided above, please contact your retailer or supplier for assistance. Do not attempt to fix the device yourself. Improper operation and/or dismantling of the device may damage the compressor. If any parts/accessories are damaged, please contact your retailer or supplier for replacement or repair.

•檢查可以聽到空氣洩漏的空氣洩漏,或在所有連接處使用肥皂和水溶液。 產生的氣泡表明漏氣。 必要時擰緊配件。
如果出現上述信息無法解決的問題,請聯繫您的零售商或供應商以獲取幫助。 請勿嘗試自行修理設備。 不正確的操作和/或拆卸設備可能會損壞壓縮機。 如果任何部件/配件損壞,請聯繫您的零售商或供應商進行更換或維修。
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